We create artful motion pictures

We are based out of Washington DC

+1 703 349 9125

Our job is to create beautiful imagery that represents a perspective and is distinct. Every client has a different story and every story must form of its own cinematography.


We began with a simple idea. That is to capture and contain the essence of time.

Time becomes only visible in motion and motion accumulates emotions and that is where the capacity of film is coming from.

We take it to the very beginning, because this gives us the greater comprehension of what we do. Often times this fundamental fact is disregarded by most filmmakers.

We, filmmakers are like sculptors who carve a solid material into a fine beautiful art. Only we don’t shape solid materials. Instead we give shape to raw time blocks from pre-production to post production.

As Cabilka Film, we now want to blend our knowledge in theory with our experience on set to deliver unrepeatable stories by way of film language.